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Real estate damage economics involves environmental contamination, construction and title defects, soils issues, natural disasters and so forth. These damages total over $50 billion annually. Additionally, many frivolous legal claims overstate the damages. We utilize advanced methodologies to determine what impact, if any, detrimental conditions have on value. Our clients include government, oil, insurance, utilities, corporations, developers, lenders and property owners.

Real Estate Damages - The Book

Real Estate Damages, Third Edition
Published by the Appraisal Institute
Randall Bell, PhD, MAI

Most real estate economists and appraisers will be asked to value property subject to detrimental conditions at some point in their careers. The unique problems that arise in these complex valuation situations can be addressed by applying fundamental economic principles and innovative valuation techniques. A comprehensive and valuable resource for all real estate professionals, Real Estate Damages: Applied Economics and Detrimental Conditions, second edition, provides a straightforward approach to solving these complex valuation problems.

The Bell Chart

The Bell Chart is a synopsis of the 10 categories of detrimental conditions and the damage valuation methodologies used to compute economic losses.



A long-time instructor for the Appraisal Institute, Dr. Bell developed two continuing education seminars for the organization, Detrimental Conditions and Real Estate Disclosure. He also served on the development team of Introduction of Environmental Issues and Appraising of Environmentally Contaminated Properties.




Dr. Bell has consulted on hundreds of cases involving environmental contamination, landslides, floods, nuclear test sites, wild fires, crime scenes, and other detrimental conditions. We consult on assignments throughout the United States and even around the world.

In many situations, we have been contacted by the media to discuss our research. Here are excerpts from some of our files.

Great Alaskan Earthquake
Via Estoril Landslide
Bikini Atoll