“Having specialized in damage economics for over 25 years, I have worked on hundreds of disasters all over the world. As such, I have also had the privilege to meet the people behind the statistics. I have observed that when a crisis hits, people can dive, survive, or thrive. Over the years, I observed a predictable pattern for success, which is summed up as Me We Do Be.

Since I am a lousy golfer, I spend some of my spare time writing and speaking on these topics. This includes volunteering with at-risk teenagers, the homeless, prison outreach programs, women shelters and other causes.

When Me We Do Be was released, I was interviewed extensively by the media, including the Wall Street Journal and on television from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. It was clear that the wealthy were interested in these principles. However, I was more honored with an invitation to speak a few days later to homeless children on LA's Skid Row.

It occurred to me that the Me We Do Be principles apply to all walks of life - literally from Wall Street to Skid Row. This is because this book has the fundamental principles for authentic success - however one wants to define it.

For every book we sell, we donate several more. Please contact us if you would like Me We Do Be books provided to the charities you support, or if you would like me to speak about these principles at your charity, church, synagogue or community event.” – Randall Bell, PhD